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Manics rant

It seems that the solution to me feeling so tired is to go to sleep earlier - I went to sleep at about 9.30pm last night and didn't feel too terrible this morning when the master woke us up. However, work is making me feel a bit weary. I'm trying to work longer days Monday-Thursday so that I don't have to work on Friday, as we're going to Colchester Zoo for Anna's birthday (which is on Saturday).

I heard the new Manics single yesterday - seems like a return to Everything Must Go days, although the production is also very Gold Against The Soul-era. The single is promising, although I'm a bit annoyed by them offering a signed album if you get a pre-order from Play - you can only get the 'normal' edition signed, not the 'deluxe' edition - so you either get a signature and not all of the tracks, or all of the tracks without a signature. This seems to be an attempt by Sony to fleece the die-hards, but surely there aren't that many die-hards left?…

A very long week

This week seems to have dragged on and on. The main reason for this has been Nicky deciding that 5am is a good time to wake up, and as Anna hasn't been feeling too well I've had to get up and entertain him before starting work. He wasn't too bad today though, so am feeling slightly more human.

It was only me and Will playing tennis on Wednesday, and I'm still knackered as a result of playing singles for an hour and a half. Despite losing 0-6 (without a net), 1-6 (with a net) it was quite close - in the 1-6 set every game went to at least 40-30 and I got to deuce on all of Will's serves, I think tiredness got the better of me though. We then played doubles with two randoms who were on the next court, apparently one of them played for a local club and was much better than us, yet with him on my team we still lost 3-6!

Very glad it's the weekend, I may not get a lie-in but at least I won't have to work!

Feeling a bit better

As I mentioned last week, I went to see my Uncle David on Saturday to talk about my Dad. I was really nervous and anxious about it, but I think everything turned out OK, and we've got a platform now to try and work things out from, and hopefully we can all move on with things. I still have lots of things to think about and work out internally, but things seem to be getting a bit easier.


Tomorrow I'm going to see my Uncle David for the first time in quite a few years, to talk about my Dad. I'm very nervous, but have been blocking everything out up to now. I'm sure it will be fine, but part of me can't wait until after tomorrow when it is over.

Lovely rain

After how ever many weeks of sun we've had, I've never been so happy for it to rain. It's finally cooled down and the humidity has gone, and Nicky didn't stir until 6.30am today so it was a pretty decent nights sleep!

The World Cup has finally ended after what seemed like an eternity. I will be very happy if I never hear another vuvuzela ruining a football match! Now back to worrying about proper football...


I've been playing tennis once a week for quite a while now, and I'm slowly but surely getting better and fitter. My biggest problem initially was hitting the ball too hard - I hadn't played real tennis since I was about 16 so I think I was playing like it was Wii Sports! I've managed to get a bit more precision with my shots and start using spin, but I'm still a long way from being 'good'. My serve is getting better but it seems to be a choice of either accuracy or power, not both.

I've been thinking of buying a PSP, but am trying to find a cheap one - I bid on a couple on eBay last night but gave up once they got past £50. I find it slightly amusing that a brand new PSP Go costs £250 yet the Xbox 360 Slim is still £50 cheaper!

Still very tired

As it's been so hot recently, Nicky hasn't been sleeping well at night, meaning that neither of us get any sleep too.

It's almost two weeks since I saw Mik Artistik's Ego Trip at Glastonbury, and I still have 'Jimmy Savile's Got My Album' stuck in my head. Sadly this isn't on Spotify, but can be listened to at Mik's MySpace page. There are quite a few of his other songs on Spotify though.

The World Cup is almost over thankfully - I'll be glad when I can watch football without having to hear any bloody vuvuzelas. Tonight's match between Spain and Germany should be interesting, although I'll most of it as I'm going to play tennis. I'm inclined to support Spain due to the Liverpool connection, although a Netherlands vs Germany final would be one hell of a grudge match...

Glastonbury 2010

Whilst I've probably not fully recovered, it's better to get things written down whilst I can still remember them. For once, my memories are not inhibited by alcohol consumption, because it was far too hot to get drunk during the day, and at night the most drinks I had was 3. Plus of course it wasn't fair on Anna if I were to get drunk and not help with Nicky.

We left early on the Wednesday, hoping to get onsite and get the tents up so that we'd have plenty of time to watch the football. Unfortunately, it seemed that most other people had the same idea, and it took us two hours to get in once we'd parked up. This was then followed by a very sweaty climb to family camping, where we just about managed to squeeze our tents in. We got to the Pyramid with about half an hour left of the second half - I don't think we really missed much.

Here's a list of all the bands that I saw:

Mik Artistik's Ego Trip

We ended up seeing Mik twice, once in the Avalon CafĂ© and …