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My computer parts arrived as expected on Tuesday, but unfortunately I'm still stuck using my laptop, as it appears the power supply wasn't working - I'd get 30-60 seconds of power before everything cut out, before repeatedly turning on and off every second. As the PSU was part of the barebones, I'm having to send all of that back, the courier should be coming to pick it up today. So it looks like I won't be having a shiny new quick PC until some time next week. On the plus side, the monitor doesn't appear to have any dead pixels, which is always a worry for me when I buy a monitor because it would really bug me if there was one!

Spirit of the Wrist

Had a pretty good weekend. Went down to Adam's for a band session on Saturday, our first for three years! We even had a reasonably respectable equipment setup so the sound is far better than it has been before. We only did two proper songs (and one cover) but we all thought the session was a success.

One thing that was confirmed for me though was that I no longer have the stamina for all day drinking, by 9pm I was starting to suffer a little. I also realised that I really don't miss going out every weekend and getting drunk, as the next day is a bit of a write-off - I wasn't hungover but I wasn't quite 100% either. It's nice to go out once in a while but I wouldn't want to do it every weekend as I did in my younger days.

Getting my new PC parts delivered today. My laptop is suffering from overheating and despite drilling holes in the case, undervolting and reapplying the thermal paste it's not getting any better, so I'm building a new PC which will hope…

Aching knees

Perhaps I should just title each post with whatever part of my body is currently not 100% - I can't remember the last time everything was well, I think it was before Glastonbury. I'm only 30, nearly 31 - not that old really!

My aching knees are a result of playing squash last night, where things started off pretty badly - I lost my first two games against Will (James was late), but then rallied and won every other game to end up winning overall again. Pretty happy about that, although I'm still not fit or ruthless enough.

Got a band session on Saturday, our first for quite a long time. I'm really looking forward to it.

Almost well again

I'm still not completely well it seems - I missed taking the antihistamines for one day last week and was coughing the next, so will have to stay on them for now. I seem to be much better generally though, to the extent that I not only came top of the table but beat Will overall as well. However, I was knackered to the point that I couldn't add up properly and thought Will had won until I worked it out the next day!

We had a fairly quiet weekend, as Nicky and Kitty are still a bit unwell, and Nicky's been having a few tantrums so we just wanted to try and rest as much as possible.

The least said about football the better, although I've come to expect that we're going to lose at White Hart Lane. At least I can still laugh at Torres' miss against the Scum...

We're glad that Torchwood has finished, because this series was laughably bad, although we still had to watch it as we'd come this far. Doctor Who has had a great couple of weeks, although with James …

Feeling better

The antihistamines seem to have done the trick - I'm only coughing very occasionally now and feeling a lot better for it. I haven't had to bother with the nasal spray.

We had a long weekend away at Kelling Heath Holiday Park in Norfolk. The campsite has had rave reviews everywhere (even rated by The Guardian as one of the top 10 family campsites in the country), and after staying there we can happily say that all of that is justified. Even though Nicky and Kitty are too young to participate in any of the activities yet, Nicky for one certainly had a great time, especially when we went on the steam train. We went on a couple of the nature trails, and generally enjoyed the quiet and tranquility. It's also close to Cromer which was a lovely seaside town, although a bit quiet at this time of year. The campsite is several leagues above the Park resort we stayed at in Clacton, and we can't wait to go again.

The new Blogger dashboard is a bit strange and will take some gettin…

Yep, still coughing

The cough is still going strong so went to the doctor again yesterday. It now looks like the cause of the coughing is my runny nose, so I've got some antihistamines to take and a nasal spray to try in a week if it's still happening. It's definitely better than it was before I started taking the antibiotics, but it's still really annoying, especially late at night just as we've got the kids settled.

We're going away for a few days, so we downloaded the next episode of Torchwood to watch in advance (the US get it a few days before us). It seems a bit daft to pick holes in a plot which involves a scenario where no-one dies and the premise that Captain Jack is/was immortal, so I won't, but the whole series has been a massive let down. The big reveal of 'The Blessing' was really terrible - the idea seems to be a rip-off of the Total Perspective Vortex from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. There's been some interesting ideas but the series ha…

I want to watch Doctor Who

One day, Nicky will realise that he should sleep when he's tired and I won't have to waste time waiting for him to fall asleep. Today is not that day. My cough is still persisting so I'm going to have to go back to the doctor on Monday assuming there's no improvement tomorrow. I can't remember when I last felt completely well...