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Not much to report

Been a bit quiet over the past week, not much to write about. The weekend was nice, we had three lovely sunny days, although I only managed to get out once on the bike. I managed to get two KOMs on Strava on Saturday's ride, even though I had been trying to win them on different segments! The new bike is definitely helping, although I have been riding for fun rather than training over the past week, I'll have to be a bit more disciplined soon to get ready for the Ride London-Surrey 100.

Four weeks until Glastonbury!

Wiggle Essex Explorer

Last Sunday I did the Wiggle Essex Explorer sportive. Supposedly a 96 mile route, it ended up being around 99 due to some slight diversions, so I cycled slightly further at the end just to make it up to a round 100 and my first century!

It was my first time riding in a group, and the first couple of hours were relatively easy as there was a lot of drafting to be done, so I didn't use up too much energy. However, after the first feed station stop I got a bit isolated, and found myself struggling a little after 4 hours on the bike - however, after the third feed station (at around 5 hours 15) I seemed to perk up a bit and was able to get to the finish in 6 hours 21 minutes - just under the silver standard of 6 hours 25 minutes :-) There's a video of me finishing - I'm the last one through in this clip. Here's a picture of me from about the 90 mile mark.

I'm more confident about finishing the London ride now, although that will obviously be a bit hillier, but presumab…

New bike

My new bike arrived on Tuesday, yay!

I've been out a couple of times on it, it's much quicker to respond when accelerating and more comfortable on the road - it's hard to get a good overall feel without going further but so far I'm happy :-) I've got my 96 mile ride on Sunday which I'm looking forward to - hopefully I'll get a bit more sleep before then!

Yet another cold

The weekend was pretty good - we went to a family party on Saturday which I had been a bit apprehensive about, not really knowing that side of Anna's family that well, but in the end it was quite good, and the kids enjoyed themselves (there was a bouncy castle). Sunday was a bit quieter but at least the weather was still nice so the kids could play out in the garden.

Nicky started coming down with a cold on Sunday, and by Sunday night myself and Kitty had caught it too, so we had an unpleasant couple of days, but we're more or less over it, although Rory has been showing signs of a runny nose. I had to work on Monday which wasn't ideal with my cold (and the glorious bank holiday weather outside) - in all I went six days without going out on my bike, but managed an hour this morning - although I narrowly avoided being swiped off my bike! A woman, who wasn't looking AND was talking on her mobile phone pulled out into the road right in front of me - I had to swerve onto t…


Finally the sun has come out properly and everyone is happier - the kids can play in the garden, and I can go for bike rides without fear of being drenched or frozen!

Not much to report at the moment, I did another 50 mile ride this week but stupidly did some sprint efforts near the start so was struggling a bit towards the end - I'll definitely be taking it easier in the sportive!

Rory is 3 months old now - where did the time go? He's much more smiley these days, and can roll over from front to back already - before we know it he'll be talking away and climbing everywhere!