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Starting to get ridiculous

Rory used to sleep perfectly normally, but the last month or so has been awful - I'm sure I don't remember Nicky being this bad (although he probably was and I've just forgotten it). I'm frequently getting up before 5am to look after him, as Anna has to feed him when he gets up in the night. I know it will pass eventually but I'm just really bored of it now!

Not much going on at the moment other than the lack of sleep. Started Christmas shopping already, got Nicky and Kitty's main presents sorted already.


It was my birthday last Friday. By now, my age is just a number that is more than enough for me to drive and buy alcohol (although not together), and so is not really important - I even have to stop and think what my actual age is sometimes when asked. I think 33 still counts as early 30s so am not too panicked about getting old just yet - let's face it, I'm married with three kids, I go on caravan holidays, I own an expensive bike with several drawers full of lycra, music these days is rubbish - I'm already old!

Given my obsession with cycling, it was no surprise that the majority of my presents were cycling-related, although this is a good thing! I did however get a Jedi dressing gown from Anna's parents, and Anna got me an ocarina which is the one thing I asked for, with the intention of learning the songs from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

No birthday would be complete without a cake, and here is the brilliant bicycle cake that Anna, Nicky and Kitty made me…


We didn't get Glastonbury tickets yesterday. Despite having four devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) trying to get through, I didn't have any joy. We'll try again in the resales but it doesn't look like we'll be going next year. I suppose we have been pretty lucky, this is the first time in 9 attempts that I've not got tickets.

The website though was an absolute joke. It is astounding that See Tickets continue to get the job of selling tickets, as every year there has been a problem. Michael Eavis has obviously never actually been to the website during the ticket sale, either that or he doesn't care as he's getting his tickets sold anyway. Then See had the gall to post the following on Twitter:
And thanks for all the advice. Never knew we had so many IT consultants following us
— See Tickets (@seetickets) October 6, 2013Perhaps if they hired some IT consultants they wouldn't have any problems! Or even invested in some hardware capable of dealin…

Lack of sleep

I realise the majority of my posts since I started this blog have related to my lack of sleep, but things have been ridiculous over the last couple of weeks. Rory has gone from being a reasonable sleeper to being worse than Nicky ever was - up every couple of hours and then up for the day at around 4am. I've done most of these early shifts, so both Anna and I are absolutely shattered by it - we think it's teeth plus developmental (Rory is starting to walk holding on to the furniture and his walker) - I just really hope it stops soon!

As well as the lack of sleep, I'm also knackered from cycling - obviously this is self-inflicted but the endorphin rush does somewhat compensate for the lack of sleep. My legs are pretty stiff today though - I did 8 hill repeats last Thursday and am still paying the price I think!

Nicky's still enjoying school and seems to be making friends easily, he comes home telling us a different name each day. We took him to see the Vulcan at Southen…