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Time to panic

Tomorrow evening we'll be on our way to Glastonbury! Most stuff is packed now, but there's still a few odd bits that need to be gathered up before we head off. No doubt we'll forget something or won't be able to find something (I can't find my spare phone battery, and a pair of ear defenders is missing) but I'm sure we'll cope. The forecast is looking so-so, but hopefully we won't have any deluges and the ground won't turn into a swamp. It's going to be hard work with the kids, but I'm sure we'll have fun anyway - I'm really looking forward to the Manics (obviously), Metallica and Dolly Parton.

Not much else has been going on apart from the football, and I've not really been paying attention to that - I've never lost interest in a World Cup wallchart so quickly! I always said that Hodgson would be a terrible England manager and so it has proved. At least I won't have to worry about watching any potential England games at …

Wiggle Essex Explorer 2014

The sun was already very warm as I loaded up the car at 7am, and the forecast was for a very sunny day. Not ideal conditions when attempting to cycle 100 miles, but better than wind and rain! My preparations had not been ideal, what with pulling my hamstring a month before, and taking a week off to go on holiday, but I was still hopeful of beating 6 hours (my time last year was 6 hours 21 minutes, albeit on a different route).

The sportive seemed much busier this year (and it was later confirmed that there were nearly twice as many riders, around 850). I started in the second wave, and for the first 40km I felt fine - there were plenty of people around in groups, and we made good progress. Even up to the second feed station at 85km there were still plenty of groups on the road and I wasn't feeling too bad - I got to that station in 2 hours 40 minutes, so was well on for a time under 6 hours, and at that point I was optimistic of getting the gold standard of under 5 hours 53 minute…


We've been back from holiday for a long while now, but life has been pretty busy in the meantime so I'm only getting around to writing it up now.

We'd been hoping for a week of playing on the beach at Brean, but the wet weather put paid to that and there was a definite wet and muddy theme to the week - hopefully not a precursor to Glastonbury!

The week started off badly when the car overheated on the M5 just outside Bristol - the traffic was abysmal and the stop/starts coupled with towing the caravan meant we were stranded several times - I would get around a minute of drive before the engine would cut out. I eventually nursed it into Clevedon and found a shop selling water - many, many thanks must go to the two random people walking past who helped and advised us of a Tesco around the corner where we could get free water! There were no leaks or steam anywhere, and the only suspect we have is an airlock, caused by a previous issue with the cooling system, as since topping …