So it's been quite a while since I last wrote here - been a few things going on in the real world! So many plans for 2020 have already fallen by the wayside due to Covid-19. I realise people are dying and becoming seriously ill, and I recognise that we're in lockdown for a reason, so all of the below is basically first world problems in comparison.

I'm still keeping up with my daily French Duolingo lessons (I've missed a few days but currently on a 53-day streak) but it seems very unlikely we'll be travelling to France any time soon. All that time and money spent getting passports was wasted!

We have several things planned which have already been cancelled/postponed: Glastonbury is the big one, but we were going to see Phil Wang and Mik Artistik, and we had a trip to Kelling Heath booked at the end of May which is almost certainly going to be cancelled as well.

Day-to-day life is different due to the lockdown: my work is still exactly the same, luckily, but now the kids are at home it makes things a bit difficult as Anna still needs to study as well. Going shopping now almost seems like doing something a bit naughty, even though I only go once a week - mainly to make sure the car battery is kept topped up. Strangely, since the lockdown started I've started cycling much more frequently, trying to get out every 2 or 3 days. I can no longer go to capoeira or boot camp so cycling is fulfilling my exercise needs. My bike needs a new chain and cassette unfortunately so the gears are a bit annoying at the moment, hopefully the parts will arrive soon!

I'm trying to think of what I've actually done since my last diary entry - I've been so distracted by Covid-19 that I've not kept it up to date. Looking back at my Twitter feed, it seems I was ill at the start of January. I think it's actually been one continuous cold since December, which still hasn't fully shifted - I still have a slight cough, not ideal in the current circumstances! It's a productive cough though so I know it's not indicative of Covid-19.

Liverpool were doing brilliantly if we ignore the cup competitions, with the league practically confirmed, so the possibility of voiding the season is irritating.

I haven't kept up with playing the bass every day, although I do play the guitar every now and then. Since we've been watching Frank Turner's live streams every Thursday I've learned some of his songs (the easy ones!)

I've started a new role with work, still working from home but in a different position. It's been very busy the last few weeks (which would have been the case even with the lockdown), I'm hoping it'll calm down next week.

We went to London for Kitty's birthday to see Comedy Club 4 Kids. Looking back at being able to go out for a day trip seems like a lifetime ago! The kids really enjoyed the show, and we also visited Forbidden Planet and House of Spells for everyone to get their geek on. I managed to escape Forbidden Planet without spending anything!

The day after I took Nicky to see Babymetal at the Apollo. We've become massive fans since seeing them at Glastonbury last year, and this was to say well done to Nicky for doing the 11+. It was a great show, although it felt weird to be sitting down at a gig. I look forward to Nicky getting older and bigger so we can go down the front! Nicky really enjoyed it, it was his first actual gig after many Glastonbury visits.

Nicky got a place at his first choice school which was a relief after waiting so long after the 11+ results. Unfortunately I'm guessing most of the work they do to smooth the transition from primary school to seconday school probably won't take place.

Anna and I went to see Frank Turner. It felt weird at the time as the lockdown was just about forcing everything to cancel/postpone, and in the end I think it ended up being the last show of this tour. It felt like a few people had stayed away, but maybe it would have felt like that anyway as the show was completely acoustic so not as loud as usual. Both support acts were great (they always do seem to be good at a Frank Turner show) and the main event was really good.

Since then life has been pretty stressful as we get used to lockdown. We've been trying to keep some kind of schedule for the kids so they're still learning something, even if it isn't strictly academic. There's not much more we can do really, we're luckier than most as I'm still working as before and we had plenty of food in the house beforehand. This experience has taught us what might need to be added to the stockpile - we already had toilet roll, but yeast and flour are important!

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A father of three and husband of one. I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active (especially cycling, running and capoeira) and playing video games. I also enjoy reading and watching films.

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