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Last Sunday was the day of the British Heart Foundation London-Southend ride. I got up ridiculously early (4am) in order to scoff some porridge and get ready. I met up with Geoff at 5am, both of us wondering why we were doing this! The journey into London was quite nice really, the roads were practically empty and we arrived just after 8, my Garmin showing I'd done around 78km. Not a bad time considering we were taking it easy!After a quick rest, I left Geoff with his wife Lisa (who had taken the train up) and set off on the journey back. I was feeling OK, but as per usual I set off far too quickly - I was taking it in turns with a man in a Garmin team jersey to pull on the front, but I had to stop at the first food stop for a break!I did my best to eat and drink properly on the way back, as I think that has led to me 'bonking' on previous rides. Having done the route in reverse, I knew just how much further I had to go, and as we hit the roads I knew well I was feeling re…

July catchup

This month seems to have gone past so quickly, and not in a good way - had lots of work to catch up with. However, I did get to see the Tour de France during stage 3 - I cycled up to Chelmsford to see them shoot past. They went past very quickly - I am under no illusions as to how much faster than me professional cyclists are! Sadly I didn't get to see Cav or Wiggins for one reason or another, but I was able to pick out a few cyclists in the peloton as they shot past (Nibali, Porte and Voeckler). I've got a gallery of TdF photos here, courtesy of Geoff.

We went to the Village Green festival last weekend. The day started off nicely but it was a bit too busy towards the end with the kids in tow. The weather was also really hot, which we weren't prepared for as the forecast was for a dull day. Still, we finally got to see Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip after missing them so many times at Glastonbury. Unfortunately the sound wasn't too great at the back, oh well.

I'm doin…

Glastonbury 2014

Life's been pretty busy since we got back, so am only writing Glastonbury up now...

We arrived on site just before midnight, and I managed to get the awning up without too much stress. Getting the kids back to sleep was another matter as they were (understandably) overexcited! We started queuing to get in at around 11am the next day, and were in within half an hour - I think more and more people are starting to get there for first thing on Wednesday, but it wasn't raining and people were in a good mood.

As tradition dictates, we headed to the West Holts field for a pear cider and La Grande Bouffe for lunch, followed by buying a silly hat to wear for the festival. We then wandered around for a while exploring and enjoying the atmosphere. Anna had a go at some glass blowing and Nicky and Kitty made some keyrings in the Green Crafts field. We did see a couple of acts on the Wednesday at the Bandstand -Thrill Collins and The Drystones, both of which were good.

Thursday saw the Gre…