Mirror's Edge has now gone back up to £4.98 - I know it's only £2 more than it was before but it doesn't seem like such a bargain now, and I wasn't that desperate to play it. I even went into town yesterday to change my bank details, at least that's done and out of the way now.

We got an anti-BNP leaflet through the door yesterday from Unite Against Fascism. I was pleased to see people making an effort in this area, although I didn't really think the BNP would be a problem here - it's a safe Tory seat unfortunately. I'm probably going to vote Lib Dem as the thought of Cameron as PM is slightly sickening, yet Brown isn't really much better (although all the fuss over the 'bigot' thing is ridiculous). I'm aware I'm supposed to vote on party policies rather than just for the leader, but there isn't really that much difference between the Tories and Labour, at least the Lib Dems would be something new.

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