Definitely getting old

I'm sure one of the definitions for 'middle-aged' must involve something about willingly going to Ikea on a bank holiday, yet this is exactly what we did yesterday! To be fair we didn't exactly intend to go there, we set out early hoping to go to a local boot sale, but unfortunately most of them had been cancelled due to the wet weather. We did find a small one in Orsett but there wasn't much of interest there. As we were out and it was still early we decided to head for Ikea as we needed a few bits, and we could go to Costco too as they're close to each other.

Surprisingly it wasn't too painful - we got there just after it opened at 10am, and I think we timed everything right as it wasn't too busy going around the main shop, then we went for lunch at about 11.30am and it wasn't too hectic, which it had been at 10am.

Keane Ingram

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