Getting things done

I've finally almost cleared my 'to-do' list - for now, all that remains is 'do online tax return'. It's taken about three weeks but almost all of the necessary paperwork that comes with moving house is pretty much taken care of. I've also just registered with a local doctor, and yesterday I finally dropped off all the conveyancing information needed by our solicitors. I'm sure there will be more things that need adding as and when I think of them but I'm a bit happier that the vast majority is now sorted.

There's still plenty to do around the house and garden, so no chance of relaxation!

We watched Lost last night - I won't mention much to avoid spoilers but it seemed ridiculous to have an episode like that so close to the end that promised to reveal so much but actually revealed hardly anything and raised further questions. The last three and a half hours are going to have to be something special...

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