Preparing for Glastonbury

It's getting close to Glastonbury now, so starting to get slightly panicky about what we'll need to take, especially as we'll have Nicky with us this year, things are going to be pretty different! I find that the list at The Gorge is pretty comprehensive, so I usually base things around that and go from there. So far I've ordered some pee bags (because I hate waking up at 6, getting dressed and trudging to the toilets) and a rain suit for Nicky. I'm now looking at getting a messenger bag to carry around during the day, as I don't really like having a rucksack in crowds - I'm paranoid about people being able to get at it whilst I'm watching bands, plus it can knock people about. The past couple of times I've taken a smaller man bag but it's never really been big enough, and this year I'll have to carry stuff for Nicky too so it's time for an upgrade!

I played tennis again this week - I had a pretty shoddy first set, playing with James (against Jimmy and Will) we lost 6-1, but I recovered somewhat to win the next two (one with Jimmy, one with Will) 6-1 6-1, so not too bad.

Finished my tax return today and I'm owed a pretty reasonable amount, so that's Glastonbury paid for :-)

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