Glastonbury 2010

Whilst I've probably not fully recovered, it's better to get things written down whilst I can still remember them. For once, my memories are not inhibited by alcohol consumption, because it was far too hot to get drunk during the day, and at night the most drinks I had was 3. Plus of course it wasn't fair on Anna if I were to get drunk and not help with Nicky.

We left early on the Wednesday, hoping to get onsite and get the tents up so that we'd have plenty of time to watch the football. Unfortunately, it seemed that most other people had the same idea, and it took us two hours to get in once we'd parked up. This was then followed by a very sweaty climb to family camping, where we just about managed to squeeze our tents in. We got to the Pyramid with about half an hour left of the second half - I don't think we really missed much.

Here's a list of all the bands that I saw:

Mik Artistik's Ego Trip

We ended up seeing Mik twice, once in the Avalon Café and once on the Croissant Neuf bandstand. Both times he was brilliant, although the second time edges it due to the random trumpet player who turned up halfway through out of the crowd to join in. A pocket of straws!

I last saw Rolf here in 2002. There was an equally big crowd and it was fun, but he did a few songs that no-one really seemed to know.

They were good, but I was quite far back and the sound quality wasn't great.

I was outside the Queen's Head tent looking after Nicky, so could hear it, but it was far too small a venue. Sounded good, but he didn't do The Real Damage :-(

We saw the second half of his set. It was nice background music whilst we rested our legs.

This was surprisingly entertaining, especially as there was no sign of James Corden! I managed to miss the duet with Florence though as I had to dash back to the tent for some nappies...

I struggle to find words to describe just how terrible this was. It was far and away the worst headline act I've seen here, even worse than Coldplay - at least I recognised some of Coldplay's songs! We left just as they were doing Dare, so we saw Shaun Ryder at least.

We stood outside the Acoustic Tent half watching them, they're good at what they do and at least I knew the songs!

I'd been looking forward to them a lot as I was hoping they would play Three Lions - last time I saw them (at V98) they refused to do it despite the crowd chanting for it. Thankfully they didn't disappoint, and the rest of the set was just the hits (plus one cover) - no new stuff, this is what festival set lists should be like!

Another example of the organisers getting the stages wrong - we were told there were 15-20,000 people in the field surrounding the Avalon tent trying to see them. We were sat down outside and could hear it just about.

As good as ever, although there definitely weren't this many people here the previous times we've seen him! Glad to see he's getting more popular.

I quite enjoyed them. The lead singer is a bit mad, he went right out into the crowd twice, dragging the mic lead with him so he could carry on singing!

I ended up seeing them because I lacked the energy to get somewhere else and back again before Muse. They were OK I suppose, although I was quite vocal with my distaste for Comfortably Numb. Not sure why they felt the need to make the screens black and white. They also bought Kylie on stage for one song, this is what I got to see of her(!)

They were good, but I felt I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have done if I were further forward - the people around us didn't seem to be getting into it as much as we were which spoiled things. They also played a few too many newer songs, although they did Stockholm Syndrome so I can't complain!

We had a very lazy Sunday morning, so didn't see anyone until Slash. I had decided to miss the first half of the England game to see Slash, then try to leg it to the football field to see the rest of the game. With hindsight it was a brilliant decision, but even so Slash was brilliant and my personal highlight of the weekend. I never expected him to do Sweet Child o' Mine so I couldn't believe it when he started playing that intro!

This is the bit where I should have been moaning about wasting my time watching England getting thrashed. But I was unable to, because by the time I got to the football field (to the east of the site) it was full, and apparently the other field was too. I fruitlessly wandered around the various bars only to find them crammed, so I resigned myself to going back to the Pyramid and trying to stream the game on my phone. I was in a really foul mood at this point, but I eventually calmed down and enjoyed the Kinks songs being played. So thank you organisers for making the football fields too small :-)

I include this because I did spend some time sat outside the Acoustic Tent while he was on, but I wasn't really paying that much attention. It was nice enough though.

This was the biggest crowd I'd ever seen at Glasto, even bigger than for Paul McCartney. I went to get food just before and had to fight my way through to get back to the top of the hill. I thought the first half was a bit dull, but once he started belting out the hits it was great, and the end has to go down as one of those great 'Glastonbury moments', when he sang 'Happy Birthday' and got Michael Eavis to sing with him!

Overall it was a great weekend, although I still ache! It was really hot, I was actually praying for a little bit of rain to cool down and get rid of the dust, but it was all worth it. It's the first time I've spent more on fruit juice/smoothies/water than alcohol!

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