Manics rant

It seems that the solution to me feeling so tired is to go to sleep earlier - I went to sleep at about 9.30pm last night and didn't feel too terrible this morning when the master woke us up. However, work is making me feel a bit weary. I'm trying to work longer days Monday-Thursday so that I don't have to work on Friday, as we're going to Colchester Zoo for Anna's birthday (which is on Saturday).

I heard the new Manics single yesterday - seems like a return to Everything Must Go days, although the production is also very Gold Against The Soul-era. The single is promising, although I'm a bit annoyed by them offering a signed album if you get a pre-order from Play - you can only get the 'normal' edition signed, not the 'deluxe' edition - so you either get a signature and not all of the tracks, or all of the tracks without a signature. This seems to be an attempt by Sony to fleece the die-hards, but surely there aren't that many die-hards left? I know I don't really count myself as one anymore, certainly not enough of one to buy the same thing twice. It's just really annoying after they did the same thing with Journal For Plague Lovers (with Bag Lady not being on the special edition).

Here's a rip of the single taken from the radio...

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