Still very tired

As it's been so hot recently, Nicky hasn't been sleeping well at night, meaning that neither of us get any sleep too.

It's almost two weeks since I saw Mik Artistik's Ego Trip at Glastonbury, and I still have 'Jimmy Savile's Got My Album' stuck in my head. Sadly this isn't on Spotify, but can be listened to at Mik's MySpace page. There are quite a few of his other songs on Spotify though.

The World Cup is almost over thankfully - I'll be glad when I can watch football without having to hear any bloody vuvuzelas. Tonight's match between Spain and Germany should be interesting, although I'll most of it as I'm going to play tennis. I'm inclined to support Spain due to the Liverpool connection, although a Netherlands vs Germany final would be one hell of a grudge match...

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