Finally, our flat has been sold! Hopefully the cheque will be arriving today or tomorrow so I can pay off some debts. It's a huge load off my mind, and I'm looking forward to shredding a whole load of paperwork.

Further to my previous blog entry, I decided to go for the 'normal' Manics album with signature - it's unlikely I'd ever listen to the second CD more than once anyway, I certainly didn't with Journal For Plague Lovers. Plus it's not like limited edition CDs are worth anything any more - I remember the days of paying a fortune for rare limited editions of things, but now they're hardly worth any more than the normal editions so not really worth the extra money.

Now the main thing I'm thinking about is writing a letter to my Grandad. I'd like to get something written by the end of the week, I've thought a lot about what I want to write but it's just about finding time to commit it to paper. Time isn't something I have a lot of at the moment as the young master's pre-molars are still coming through, so sleep is at a premium.

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