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Feeling old

I don't know if it's the weather, my lingering illness or just generally now being old (30, I still can't believe it!) but I'm not feeling great at the moment. I'm working under a blanket, as my office is a bit untidy and I can't reach the radiator to turn it on. Reading that last sentence back, it sounds very pathetic! But I don't have the time or inclination to sort it out right now, I have to work, then when I've worked I feel tired/lethargic etc.

I've bought a new squash racquet, mostly thanks to Pete, Will and James who clubbed together to get me a voucher from Decathlon for my birthday. Sadly it's bright orange in places, but it's the one that met most of my requirements. I know I'm never going to be a power player and in fact prefer placing my shots well, so I've gone for a mixed racquet rather than a power-based one, and I've gone for an 'advanced' level one as I feel I'm better than a beginner but not yet an expert by any means. I went for another Wilson as my old one has served me well, twelve years old and still going strong, although there's hardly any tension in the strings any more, it's a wonder I can still play with it. I'm not sure if a new racquet will make me a better player, but we'll see come Wednesday...


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Not so great

I wasn't feeling so well mentally last week. I can't think of any cause for it but for a few days I was very anxious about things. I managed to work and exercise as usual but part of me just wanted to go back to bed for the day. I'm feeling better this week thankfully.

Things seem to be getting back on track with training for RideLondon - I managed an 80km ride last week and 100km this week. My legs are suffering a bit so I've booked myself in for a bike fit and physio session next month which will hopefully get things back to normal.

Yesterday marked 16 years since Anna and I first met - I don't think either of us remembered (I thought it was today!) We went to see Avengers: Infinity War yesterday which was really good, but the year-long wait for the sequel is going to feel like a long time.

Got a busy week ahead - I went out last night for a meal with my brother, tonight I'm going out with some friends for a curry, tomorrow I'm meeting another friend for …

Two birthdays down...

Kitty was seven years old yesterday. What with that and the BRIT Awards last night I'm feeling very old at the moment!

Her main present was a pair of heelys which she was very happy about. She invited a couple of friends to go to the local soft play which is much easier than organising a party!

Things seem pretty hectic at the moment and I'm not getting much rest, but Anna and I have a night away this weekend which should allow us some peace! We also saw Black Panther yesterday which was very good.

My calves are a little sore at the moment from cycling/exercise but otherwise I'm feeling OK. I managed a 50 mile ride last week so my base fitness isn't too bad, I just need to start training properly. Hopefully it will warm up soon!

Almost Christmas

Only eleven days to go until Christmas now. All the presents have been bought, just need to wrap everything up. I might try and do some during the day whilst the kids are still at school, to keep last-minute panicking to a minimum!

I've been doing circuit training for seven weeks now and seem to be fitter. This is mainly in the sense that I can continue a little longer before it starts hurting! It no longer aches horribly afterwards though so my muscles must be getting used to it. I keep pulling muscles - I pulled my left calf on Tuesday to follow my right calf a couple of weeks ago, and my right hamstring the week before that. I just need my left hamstring to go for the full set!

I've taken some time off over Christmas for the first time in years, so the kids' last day at school will be my last day of work, then I'll be back to work in the new year. So in theory this will be slightly more relaxing but it means I no longer have an excuse to hide away upstairs! Work has…