Mark Watson Kicks Off

Last night we went to see the filming of Mark Watson's new ITV4 programme, Mark Watson Kicks Off. It's basically a TV version of Fighting Talk, and the guests last night were Graham Taylor, Simon Day and Josh Widdicombe. I'd heard Simon Day and Graham Taylor on FT before and they were both very good, in fact Graham Taylor was brilliant, who'd have thought you could get so many laughs out of Wayne Rooney? Josh Widdicombe was pretty good too.

The best bit was that because Anna was invited by Mark Watson through his blog, we not only got to skip the queue at the entrance but also got to go into the green room (which isn't green) afterwards. There's something extremely bizarre about standing in room where famous people are drinking. I'd spent the whole show thinking about which characters Simon Day played in the Fast Show and it was only after we left that I remembered he was Monkfish! He's a lot taller than I imagined him to be.

So after 30 years I finally got to meet a real-life famous person. We chatted for 5-10 minutes with Mark in the green room and he was really friendly. I got a couple of photos, here's one of me and Anna with Mark:

Despite not having slept much the previous night we both had a really good time and enjoyed the show, although I can't believe who the audience voted for in the best comeback bit...

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