Sore today

I played squash last night, and I'm really aching today - I thought as I played more I'd feel less achy but last night was the toughest set of matches yet I think. Both myself and Will had new racquets, he had gone for a power based one but I'd gone for a more balanced one. Unfortunately, he seemed to get into the swing of things straight away whereas it took me a little time to get used to the balance of the racquet. I lost my first five games in a row! Normally I start off well, then tire and start losing. However once I got the hang of it I won my last five games, including being 10-0 up on Will at one point (he got me back to 11-2 unfortunately!)

Overall, Will beat me 3-2, I beat Pete 3-2 and Pete beat Will 3-2, so no overall winner this week. We're all fairly evenly matched at the moment.

My new racquet, a Wilson K-Rival
Once I got used to it, the new racquet definitely made a difference, especially the tension in the strings - my old racquet was 12 years old and had never been restrung so had very little tension, but I could feel the ball moving off my racquet much more quickly. I think it will also help me be more precise, hopefully that will come next week now I'm a bit more used to the weight and balance of the racquet.

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