There's definitely something about being a parent that makes you annoyed at things you previously didn't mind too much. This weekend just passed was annoying in the evenings because some locals decided they would set off fireworks. Normally I'd have just thought nothing of it, but when we're trying to get Nicky to sleep it's extremely frustrating! Plus it was the wrong weekend anyway - at least we expect it this weekend, but last weekend it's purely annoying.

On the other hand, I have always despised Halloween as being a way of teaching children how to beg, and would previously just sit in with the lights off pretending to be out. But we bought some chocolates just in case, and we turned it into a game where when the knock on the door came, we'd get Nicky to go to the door and scream when he saw the outfits. He really seemed to like it, so now I'm torn. He's still not going to be allowed out trick or treating though!

I finally finished reading Bleak House this week. It's taken me nearly two months, although that's mostly down to not having the free time to read any more thanks to Nicky. Once I got into the book I really enjoyed it, and it's probably my second favourite Dickens novel after David Copperfield. Once I've finished the BBC list (10 more to go) I might read some of the Dickens that isn't on the list. For now though I'm reading Mark Kermode's autobiography which Anna got me for my birthday.

I've got squash again tonight, still aching a little from last week!

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