Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Last night we went out to the cinema for the first time in 20 months - the last film we saw in a cinema was Watchmen,  just before Nicky was born.

We went out for a meal beforehand, to Charlie Choy's, which wasn't particularly good. For most of the meal there were only two occupied tables in there, which for a buffet means the food isn't refreshed very often. There was a decent range of food available but it was average at best. They did do Anna a stir-fry from scratch though, and did me a fresh garlic naan. The dessert was OK too. Don't think we'll go back there in a hurry though, I've got a really dry mouth this morning.

Then we went to the Odeon, which hasn't changed at all since the last time I went there (must be about 11 years ago?) I'd booked to see a 'digital' viewing which promised better sound and a clearer picture, but I can't say I noticed much of a difference. The film itself I thought was really good, it was pretty bleak and did drag a little when it was just the three of them in a tent but I'm not sure how they could have done it any better.

I did remember unfortunately just how much I can be irritated by people in the cinema. I can't believe people would fork out £8 a head to sit there and just talk all the way through without any consideration for those around them who have also had to fork out. Then there's the people who buy packets of sweets which make such a lot of noise, especially when they start digging through them during the quiet bits! Kermode and Mayo's movie review show recently came up with a code of conduct, 10 things everyone should abide by, but I'd just shorten it to one - don't let stupid people into the cinema! There was a great example in our showing, one woman in her 20s walked past proudly proclaiming that she'd never read any of the Harry Potter books, in fact the only book she had ever read was a Miley Cyrus one.

We probably won't get to see Part 2 in a cinema, as we'll have a five/six month old, unless we can find a cinema that has baby screenings...

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