More X Factor shenanigans

X Factor just becomes even more of a joke as the weeks go by. However the saddest thing is that I still watch it, although most of the time reading peoples' tweets about it is more entertaining than the programme itself. The idea of an 'Elton John' week was I guess a response to Elton John saying that the programme is rubbish, however the programme makers have only proved him right. The singing was almost completely awful, none of them have the so-called X Factor and whoever wins will no doubt be going the same way as Leon, Shane, Joe etc. At least Katie is still in, it wouldn't be half as much fun without someone to dislike so much.

I've been reading more than normal recently - that is, more than normal since Nicky came along. I finished Mark Kermode's autobiography a few days ago. It was entertaining but I had hoped for something a bit more exhaustive, it wasn't really that long and there wasn't that much that I didn't already know. I can't believe it took him 70 pages to talk about how much he hates 3D :-) As well as that I've read Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson, solely because it's on the BBC Big Read Top 100 list. I've now read 91 of the top 100. I'll probably read a Shakespeare play next before going on to my next list book.

It was a pretty terrible weekend sports-wise - the less said about Liverpool the better, Hodgson has got to go as soon as possible, if this had been Rafa the press would have crucified him but because Hodgson is English he gets given an easier ride. On top of that the final F1 race was a complete non-event after the safety car on the first lap, I would have preferred anyone but Vettel to win the title but he does deserve it really.

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