X Factor nonsense

Now, I've known for ages that the X Factor is quite unlikely to unearth some genuine music talent, but I still watch it for the entertainment value (go Wagner!) and the soap-opera element with the judges bickering. I know this is all staged for my benefit, yet the nonsense that is going on to keep Katie Waissel in the show is ridiculous. In a way I'm glad she's kept in, in a way, because at least she's entertaining and I need someone on there to really hate!

Had a quiet weekend at my mum's house. We bought a few fireworks to set off in the garden, but I don't think Nicky was too impressed, he would seem excited at some and then demand to go inside! He definitely didn't like the rockets. Probably a good thing we had decided to do that rather than go to a proper show.

Squash last week wasn't too good as I lost again to Will 3-2. He's starting to get better which is annoying me! Overall I'm 19-14 up against him, I'd really like to increase that lead before he gets even better.

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