Well, so much for my previous entry saying that there hadn't been any snow - we had a great deal of it in the past week! Nicky and I made a snowman in the back garden (well, he helped a little bit, so I have to take full responsibility for how rubbish it is!)

Anna did make it a bit better, but sadly we didn't take a photo and he's mostly melted away now.

So we've mostly spent the week being very cold (although I did finally find out how to turn the heating up a couple of days ago which helped). In other news, I've got most of mine and Nicky's Christmas shopping sorted, just one or two more small items to get.

I've been reading the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson and am on to the third book - have been unable to put them down, I can see why they're so popular (and they're much better than Dan Brown). I'm going to be sad when I've finished the last one knowing that there won't be any more.

Nicky met Father Christmas for the first time at the weekend, although he was more interested in the Christmas tree next to him!

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