So much for an entry every day - I was just too tired to write anything yesterday. Hopefully now that I've finished this piece of work I'll have a little bit of free time, but I was on the go non-stop from Saturday afternoon until yesterday afternoon.

Despite being thoroughly exhausted, squash wasn't too bad. Strangely, I seemed to play better when I was more tired, as my wins came towards the end. I think this might be down to me being forced to play softer shots as I lack the energy to hit the ball hard, maybe I'm better at softer shots? Definitely need to get my racquet restrung though as the plastic bit on top has broken.

Keane Ingram

A father of three and husband of one. I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active (especially cycling, running and capoeira) and playing video games. I also enjoy reading and watching films.

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