On Saturday my brother and I went down to Somerset to see our Grandad, who is in a care home in Wells. On the way we stopped off at Haycombe cemetery in Bath to try and find the plaque commemorating our Granny, but I hadn't realised how impossible this would be without knowing where to look as the cemetery is quite big and the office is closed, so we were ultimately unsuccessful.

We spent about an hour and a half with my Grandad which is far longer than either of us had hoped for, we were conscious of him becoming tired (he is 93 after all) but he seemed more than happy for us to stay. We learned so much about his life that neither of us knew before, how him and Granny met, the positive work that they did looking after children, so much so that 60 years later some of the children (now much older obviously!) still keep in contact with him. It made both my brother and myself feel very humble, that Grandad had done so much good in his life yet felt humble that we had travelled down to see him! It was more than worth the long drive to see him.

He quoted some of Auguries of Innocence by William Blake to us, about how joy and woe are woven fine throughout life, and that you must take the bad with the good.

We hope we can go down to see him again, although looking back both Jonathan and I thought there seemed to be some kind of 'finality' about the meeting. We hope it's not the last time but Grandad seemed to be thinking along those lines.

Keane Ingram

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