Not aching, yet...

Squash last night was pretty good despite me moaning about my tiredness yesterday. I lost 2-0 to Jimmy yet again, although I did get him to 6-6 in the second game - he's just a lot fitter than me. I drew 1-1 with Pete, which could also have been down to tiredness in the game that I lost, but again that's fitness really. I beat my brother and James 2-0 (James took me to 19-17 and should have won that one!), but the main achievement for me was beating Will 2-0, stretching my lead over him to 3 games. It has to be said that Will was getting over a cold, and his hand probably wasn't too great after he managed to slice it open whilst washing up(!) - he stopped our second game with me 8-7 up as the cut had re-opened. But a win is a win is a win!

I have another mark on the inside of my thigh thanks to James hitting a squash ball there - I would have taken a picture but it's more or less the same as the one posted last week, just on my leg rather than my arm!

Speaking of wins, it'd be nice if Liverpool could manage a win occasionally. Hodgson has clearly resigned himself to getting the sack given his press conference yesterday. Just wish he'd do the honourable thing and walk away, and accept the job is too big for him. Even some of the press have realised that it's not down to Rafa(!)

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