Last night we made a midnight dash to the hospital as Anna was concerned that the youngling wasn't moving. I discovered that I can get to the hospital in five minutes if I don't pay attention to the traffic lights (the roads were empty and changed just as I went through anyway). I don't think I've ever felt so panicky - everything was a bit of a blur, getting Nicky out of bed and dressed (he was an absolute star throughout), getting to the hospital and then getting into the delivery suite to hear the baby's heart beating was the biggest relief. I'm still in a bit of a daze this morning. I hope the rest of the pregnancy isn't so dramatic, we could do with an easy week, although with the growth scan next week I'm not sure we'll get it.

The evening had been fairly pleasant until then - I'd hooked up my laptop to the TV so we could watch the streaming coverage of the Manics' gig in Blackwood - can't believe they did Suicide Alley, or that for a while afterwards Suicide Alley and Blackwood were trending topics on Twitter! They should live stream more gigs, while it's obviously not as good as being there it was still great to watch and remind ourselves why we're Manics fans.

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