Sleep would be good

Today has been an up-and-down kind of day. It didn't start well as Nicky was up several times in the night, so no-one was in a good mood first thing this morning. I took Nicky into town this morning whilst Anna went to her art course, I had a £30 Game voucher to spend but there was hardly anything in there that I wanted (I was kind of tempted by Bayonetta at £7.99 but I guess by the time I finish all the games I currently have it'll be cheaper). It's quite annoying that you can only use the vouchers in shops, where prices are already higher than on the Game website, and there's far less stock available - I was interested in possibly getting a PC joypad but the amount of PC items available was minimal.

I also looked for a calendar, but the discounting hasn't really begun yet - hopefully they'll come down a bit soon. I don't really use a calendar so refuse to pay £8 for one, but Anna wanted one so I'm sure we'll get one soon.

This afternoon Nicky again didn't sleep for as long as he should have done, but apparently me pretending to be a velociraptor is very funny so at least he's in a good mood!

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