Slight panic

On Monday Anna saw the midwife, who said that the bump didn't seem to have grown much in the last two weeks. We had to go for a scan at the hospital, the sonographer gave us the all-clear, but it wasn't made clear to us that we'd have to go and see the midwives in the maternity ward. So we had to go back to the hospital (£2 to park each time as well!) and see a midwife, and the upshot of it all is that Anna will have to go in for at least a couple more scans and probably see a consultant.

Whilst it's likely that everything is OK, I'm sure you can imagine that we are both really worried about this. Apparently my mum had the same with me and my bump didn't grow for a couple of weeks, and there any number of explanations as to why everything is OK, but it's still difficult to stop worrying. It seems that this child will be smaller than Nicky at any rate, and we successfully avoided finding out the sex again.

On top of all of this, I think the exhaust on my car is playing up and will probably need replacing, which is annoying because I want to replace the car in a few months with my father-in-law's, but this one needs to hold out for a little longer and I can't really afford to spend lots on a new exhaust...

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