Very very stressed

I was hoping for an easier week this week, but the list of things contributing to my stress is increasing steadily.

Anna went for what we were told was a growth scan on Tuesday. After hanging around for four hours we were finally told that it wasn't actually a growth scan, it was a scan to check the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid (all OK), but they had found a cyst near one of Anna's ovaries which may need an operation after the birth. So the stress about growth continues until the actual growth scan next Wednesday.

On top of this, Nicky has developed a rash which at first glance looked like chickenpox - not something we want to worry about when Anna is close to full term as it can cause complications. After a very sleepless night we went to the doctor this morning who is fairly sure it isn't chickenpox, just a viral rash - which is a relief in one way, but it doesn't help Nicky feel any better. I'm sure when he actually does get chickenpox it will be even worse for all concerned.

On the plus side, I had my best night of squash yesterday for a long time, only losing one game and beating Will three times! Plus a win for Liverpool, not pretty by all accounts but a win is a win.

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