Bad day

Today has to go down as a bad day. It was never going to be brilliant what with a dentist appointment first thing, but I was running a little late and the traffic was terrible so I took an alternative route, where there was a mobile speed camera on the side of the road in a police van which I reckon caught me doing up to 40 in a 30. I guess I'll get 3 points now, I'll have to assume it caught me. Bugger.

After this wonderful episode came the first part of my root canal treatment, which apparently involves drilling out the inside of the tooth in question. It's very sore now that the anaesthetic has worn off. Reading up on the treatment, I see that later on they'll drill out the actual root canal which I'm sure will be wonderful(!)

On top of this, our six week old washer/dryer has decided that it no longer wants to dry anything, so had to call up the Hotpoint helpline, where they tried to sell me extra insurance once the engineer was arranged, FFS.

I'm now running behind with work so will be working late this evening. On the plus side, Nicky has decided that 'fiddlesticks' is the funniest word in history and giggles uncontrollably when I say it (this was discovered accidentally when I may have been trying to say a different word beginning with F).

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