Hospital again

Anna had another ultrasound scan again today, the baby is still growing normally, it's just a bit small. The heartbeat is also OK. Looks like it'll definitely be a hospital birth now though, barring Anna being stranded somewhere! I'm looking forward to finally meeting him or her when he/she finally arrives! Due date is two days away...

Otherwise, nothing interesting is going on. Watched some of the Brits last night and wished I hadn't, the music industry is in a terrible state. I'd be surprised if more than 10% of the audience even knew who Roger Daltrey was. I've happily pre-ordered the Radiohead album knowing that they'll get the money rather than it going to any record-company types that might contribute to the mess that is the Brits. I'm hoping for a return to something a bit rockier rather than anything Kid A-style.

My tooth is still sore but not as bad as yesterday...

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