More stress

So, all is not well after yesterday. The baby is growing as expected and it's weight is following the curve, but because it's weight is apparently lower than would be expected for Anna a home birth has been pretty much ruled out. Furthermore, Anna is supposed to go in twice a week for heart rate monitoring and once a week for a scan. The consultant who delivered all this news had the bedside manner of... well, she didn't have a bedside manner, you'd find more compassion in a pebble. Obviously Anna is very upset about all of this, and everyone is very stressed. This is exacerbated by Nicky being very clingy to Anna at the moment as he can obviously tell something is up.

My car exhaust still isn't fixed - well, I suppose technically the exhaust is fixed, but it needs a new lambda sensor which was supposed to be fitted today, but the part that was sent was wrong so hoping to get the right part tomorrow...

It's Chinese New Year today - the year of the rabbit. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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