Not long to go...

In theory, the youngling will be born a week tomorrow, but as Nicky was two weeks late it seems likely we'll be waiting a while. In the meantime Anna has to keep going into hospital two or three times a week to be scanned/monitored - everything is fine for now which is reassuring, but it does cause extra stress.

On the plus side it means I get to spend time with Nicky whilst Anna is in hospital, and for the past week he's been really well behaved and an absolute joy to be with. He's even started copying me pretending to be Dave Angel! He still won't sleep when he's tired though. I reckon I've spent at least 30 minutes a day for his whole life trying to get him to sleep, and some days it has taken hours - don't really want to work out what that is in total!

I started this week trying to get things crossed off my to-do list. I've had some success - the car is finally fixed (although the engine maintenance light came back on after two days), I went to the dentist about the pain in my teeth (unfortunately I need a filling and a root canal), and I've sorted out some treatment for my RSI next week. There's still plenty more things to do but at least I've made a start.

Played squash last night and did reasonably well despite having a week off last week, winning 7 out of 10 games. Just need to get a bit fitter really as I get tired a bit quicker than everyone else.

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