Still shattered

It's been a rather hectic week. What with Kitty being born, I also had a very bad cold which is only just on the way out now, and I had more root canal work on Wednesday (with the promise of still more next week)!

Kitty is lovely, although unfortunately is following the same path as Nicky by mostly wanting to feed at night. I uploaded some pictures to my Picasa page.

In this picture she looks almost exactly like Nicky did on the day he was born - same babygrow, just darker hair and a bit smaller - I put the two pictures together to show a comparison.

So far Kitty seems a lot quieter than Nicky was, although that might just be time making me forget about the noise or it could be because Kitty's lungs are a bit smaller than Nicky's were. Nicky has taken it all in his stride so far and varies between being very interested in his sister to completely ignoring her in favour of some cars/buses/other vehicles.

Been trying to find some nice clothes for Kitty but unfortunately nearly every single shop only offers one colour for girls clothes - the usual horrible pale pink. The nicer clothes which have a bit more variety to their colours unfortunately cost a bit more.

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