Better night

Last night was relatively much better - we had an earlyish night (about 10 o'clock) and although Nicky woke up a couple of times I got much more sleep than the night before. I did spend two hours asleep next to Nicky's bed as I was too tired to go back to bed after settling him!

I realise that I've become one of those boring people who can only talk about their children and nothing else. The trouble is that having kids almost forces you into isolation, especially when none of your friends have had kids yet. I'm looking forward to my brother's baby being born in July because then we'll have someone else who understands what we're going through.

Kitty was weighed yesterday by the health visitor, she's now up to 3.42kg or 7lb 8½oz. She did lose a little just after birth but has started putting it on again. After all the stress before the birth, Kitty's birth weight was between the 25th and 50th centiles and even now is above the 25th centile.

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