In your head, in your head

It goes without saying these days that I didn't sleep very well last night. I think Nicky is teething as he was up several times in the night, which in turn woke up Kitty. In a bit of a daze today.

Caught up with my brother yesterday for lunch, he's doing OK but is stressed about work, they're not treating him very well despite his manager having experienced something similar before. The manager of the restaurant, who we've both known since childhood, came over to ask how things were going with the baby. My brother took it quite well, the manager looked horrified when told what had happened but he wasn't to know!

Squash last night was pretty bad, I lost 2-0 to both Will and James (James has never beaten me to nil before!) yet somehow I beat Pete 2-0. On top of that the temporary cover on my tooth came off - called the dentist this morning and they reckon it'll be OK to leave it until the crown is put on next week.

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