Suddenly, the memories of the tiredness, the lack of sleep, the crying and nappies have come flooding back. To be fair though, Kitty has overall been much more placid than Nicky was/is, but we've had a couple of bad nights, and last night I think was the worst so far. I think I had about three hours sleep last night.

On top of the lack of sleep, my tooth is really hurting now - apparently all the nerves in this tooth are supposed to have been cleared, ready for filling on Wednesday - but yesterday morning it really started aching, and I'm worried that the root canal treatment is going to have failed and they will have to remove the tooth. I'll have to see how it goes on Wednesday but I'm not hopeful.

On the plus side, great result for us yesterday, we comprehensively beat the Scum who were hardly involved in the game at all, should have been a couple of red cards but we played really well and showed lots of promise for the rest of the season and next year...

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