So, we finally have a caravan. I managed to successfully tow it from the place we bought it to the storage site yesterday (about 25 miles), although actually parking it was interesting - I could get the caravan into the right place but not without getting my car trapped. Lots more practice required I think! I'm sure once we've used it a few times things will be easier, but for now I'm a nervous wreck when I'm towing. It'll definitely make Glastonbury a lot less stressful, but we'll do a few shorter practice trips first!

We picked it up yesterday, meaning I was working late into the night, which wasn't helped by Avast releasing dodgy virus definitions which meant every website I visited was flagged as containing a virus. It took me two hours to figure this out (no updates on their website or Twitter, and their forum had crashed - eventually found out by searching Twitter for 'Avast'), so I didn't finish work until 11. Nicky was up a couple of times in the night as well, so I'm a bit of a zombie today.

No updates from Hotpoint so will be calling them tomorrow to complain further.

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