Hotpoint are useless

The washer/dryer has broken for the second time in three months. A Hotpoint engineer came this morning, diagnosed a dodgy thermistor (same problem as before), replaced it and it seemed to work, but it's now flashing lights again. Called the service people, engineer now reckons it's a broken control board, they have to order the part and wait for it to be replaced.

Now the engineer is just doing his job, and indeed voiced his frustration with how poor the design of these things is that he has to replace a thermistor (part of the drying mechanism) in order to make the washing mechanism work. But I'm pissed off at Hotpoint overall. They won't exchange as it's older than 28 days, they won't give me a non-0844 number to call them (but saynoto0870 solves that problem) and now we're without a washing machine until some time next week at the earliest, not what you need when you have two children in nappies. I've had nothing but trouble with this washer/dryer, first from Best Buy and now Hotpoint, I definitely won't be buying from either in the future. They've offered me an extra 6 months on my guarantee, but I shouldn't need the bloody guarantee, they should make products that don't break down three months after you've paid £300 for them!

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