Long weekend 1

The gaps between blog entries seem to be increasing, need to blog a bit more frequently really, although I haven't used my laptop since last Thursday, having a smartphone makes it easy to check news, Twitter etc. so I only use the laptop when I'm working or playing games (once in a blue moon).

Firstly, my letter to Best Buy had the desired effect. The day after sending it (I also emailed it to them as suggested by their Twitter feed) I got a phone call from their customer complaints department. The man I spoke to was very friendly and apologetic, and offered me adequate compensation for our troubles and the promise of exchanging the machine if it breaks down again in the next 3 months. If only all my communications with Best Buy had been this good!

On Friday we went to the park for a few hours, had a picnic lunch and played a few games including quick cricket and had an egg and spoon race. It was a lovely sunny day but I managed to avoid burning thankfully. After that we went round a friend's house for a barbecue. It was nice to be able to socialise and include Nicky and Kitty at the same time, it's so difficult to join in with a lot of things.

Saturday was spent sorting out a few bits for the caravan, whilst at the storage site I got talking to a couple of older people who were cleaning their caravan, and somehow ended up talking for about 20 minutes on all manner of subjects. I've a feeling I'll be having lots of similar conversations once we get the caravan on the road...

Sunday and Monday were a bit quieter really, we went to boot sales both mornings, in the afternoons we sorted out the front lawn and did a bit of gardening.

Three day week thankfully, so some good has come of the royal wedding. I'm fed up of all the media coverage of it though, in my experience few if any people actually care about it.

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