Struggling to keep track

As things go, I've been sleeping moderately well over the last few days, but I still feel like I'm not in control of things. For example, I completely forgot that I'm going to a wedding reception on Saturday and had been planning to go to Mum's the same day. My desk is a mess and I'm finding it difficult to keep track of things - I'm not sure if this is down to getting old or lack of sleep! I usually know exactly what I'm doing and what needs to be done, so I'm almost feeling a bit scared almost that I'm struggling to keep track of everything.

I've not really stopped since Friday on account of Nicky's birthday - not that I begrudge doing things in order for him to have a nice time, of course I'm glad that he's had a nice weekend! We went to a farm on Friday, which Nicky enjoyed immensely - not because of the animals, but because of the toy farm vehicles everywhere which he could ride on! I think I've got two pictures of him with animals and the rest are of him riding tractors, trucks, diggers etc. He also got to go on a tractor and trailer ride which he seemed to enjoy. I'll put pictures up when I have some spare time (probably next week the way things are going!)

Saturday was Nicky's birthday. Still can't quite believe he's two - I can remember him being born! We just had family over for a birthday lunch, it was a nice day so we sat out in the garden and Nicky could run around. His favourite presents were a mug with a smiley face in the bottom, an easel with black/whiteboard and a wheelbarrow.

My brother and his girlfriend came over for a little while, which was really good of them considering how they must be feeling. My brother spent some time playing with Nicky and they both enjoyed it, but part of him must have been thinking about what could have been. The funeral is on Wednesday.

Yesterday we bought a caravan, to make Glastonbury a lot easier and so we can go on cheaper holidays. Then last night I had a panic that I wasn't licenced to tow it due to the weight, but this morning I've been assured that I don't need B+E as long as the car weighs more than the caravan and that the combined weight is less than 3.5 tonnes.

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