Bloody typical

On Tuesday, I had a towbar fitted to my new car, with the plan of going away somewhere next weekend to see how the new car deals with towing before going to Glastonbury next month. However, as the engineer had nearly finished fitting the bar, I got a call from the storage park where we keep the caravan, to be told that our caravan showed signs of damage and was at a funny angle, and could I please come and have a look? I was worried now about the possibility of not being able to take it to Glastonbury, and also of having to claim on the insurance, as the office said they had no idea how it had happened. Thankfully, they called back again just as I was about to leave to tell me that the culprit had owned up and left their details there.

I got there shortly afterwards and couldn't quite understand how exactly our caravan had ended up like this:

I don't know if you can tell from the first picture, but the plot to the right of ours is empty. I later found out that it was the caravan the other side of the empty plot that had caused the damage, but their caravan showed no sign of damage, so I can only assume that their car has hit our caravan. So somehow they must have been driving their car happily amongst all of the parked caravans, only for ours to jump out and take them by surprise!

Thankfully the other person has admitted guilt to their insurance company so now it's just a case of getting an estimate sorted asap and hopefully getting it repaired before Glasto, otherwise we're going to have to hire something (at the insurance company's expense I hope!) To be fair the other person did sound quite upset about it, I think it was her husband who was responsible, but this is a whole load of stress I don't need at the moment.

All of this came whilst I have a horrible cold, which I still have but is on the way out I think. I somehow managed to play squash last night and end up winning overall (won 6/8 games), but have had to pause my press-ups for now, going to do some more today.

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