Long weekend 2

I should write more often - my short term memory is kaput at the moment. Reading my previous entry, I can remember doing those things, but I can't recall anything about Tuesday to Thursday, other than playing squash (badly) on Wednesday.

Friday was of course the Royal Wedding. I watched it out of curiosity and because I guess it's one of those cultural milestones that people remember. The media coverage of it was uniformly terrible, so thankfully Twitter was there to provide some light relief. I'm glad it went well for their sakes. We were at Anna's parents house so afterwards we had a barbecue with some of their neighbours which was quite nice.

On Saturday we went down to the caravan as we had a few things that needed doing, I replaced a plug, checked the gas and battery were all sorted and tested out the porch awning (was a bit windy, hopefully it won't be that bad on Friday).

Sunday was a quieter day, we went to B&Q to get a few bits and tidied up the garden. Definitely a sign of getting old when you spend your bank holiday weekend doing gardening! We went to the park yesterday for Nicky to have a run around and play on the swings, then back home to do some more gardening, we have some vegetables planted now.

The big news from yesterday was obviously about Osama Bin Laden. I feel a bit 'meh' about it really, I'm not sure how you can celebrate someone dying even considering what he did. The footage of Americans dancing and singing and flag waving was pretty horrible really, it's no different to the people who celebrated the 11th September attacks. Also seems a bit dodgy about how they went in and killed him rather than attempt capture, and then burying him at sea? Just invites loads of conspiracy theories... Overall this won't stop terrorism, I guess some might say justice has been served but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't seem that important.

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