Quiet weekend

Despite weekends no longer counting as time off due to the kids (and I feel so old being able to say 'kids'), this weekend has been the most restful that I can remember for quite a while. Things seem to be improving sleep-wise, for me at least - Nicky seems to settle a bit easier these days and isn't waking up so much in the night.

On Saturday we went to a local 'baby, bumps and kids' show which promised to be hell on earth, but in the end wasn't too bad - Anna took Kitty off shopping whilst I took Nicky to mess about with the bouncy castle, the craft stand, the Tumble Tots stand etc. He had a great time!

Yesterday we went to a boot sale, where we gave Nicky £1.50 to spend on things (from his money box - he doesn't understand the value of money yet but the idea is that hopefully he'll somehow understand that he has a finite amount to spend eventually). He managed to find the most hideous thing he could find, a bright pink pram (Peppa Pig branded), and proceeded to push it around everywhere, copying me pushing Kitty about! He likes it, and it was his money, so we can't complain too much...

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