Airshow and a wedding

The bank holiday weekend was pretty hectic, although was mostly enjoyable. I decided not to stress about the caravan until Tuesday because there was nothing I could do about it until then anyway.

We went to the Southend Airshow on Saturday and Sunday, as we thought Nicky would enjoy it a bit more than last year when he fell asleep for most of it. This year was a little more successful, he was riveted by the helicopters but with the planes he'd only look at them for a short while before getting distracted. He loved the Red Arrows though, and now wants to be one!

On Monday we went to Jenny and Jimmy's wedding, which turned out to be a really lovely day. The venue (Friern Manor at Dunton) was really nice, and they both looked very happy. Nicky made a lot of friends, especially when the dancing started and we could unleash him onto the dancefloor - I don't know where he gets it from, but he loves dancing!

Yesterday was back to reality and having to deal with the caravan. According to the repair company it's uneconomical to repair, so we've got to look for a new one whilst the insurance people sort things out. Hopefully we'll be able to get the new one before Glastonbury, but I'm pretty certain the insurance won't come through before then.

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