Goodbye old caravan

I went down to the caravan storage place yesterday to sort out having the old caravan taken away, and to load up the new one with things for Glastonbury. It's weird to feel sentimental about something we only used once. Hopefully that is now the end of it, I've received the cheques from the insurance company (paid up in full which is nice).

Heading off to Glastonbury this evening, so once I've finished work I can begin to panic about last-minute packing! Also need to print off directions, sort out music for the car etc. I think most things are packed and ready (I've already been down to the caravan a few times with things) but I always feel like there's something I'm forgetting.

The weather forecast doesn't look too great, but then again it doesn't look as bad as it did in the flood years so we should be OK. I'm just crossing my fingers now that Pulp will indeed be one of the special guests - overall there really isn't anyone I'm that excited about seeing, I'll probably end up seeing U2, Beyoncé and Paul Simon at least, but I'd rather chew my own feet off than have to see Coldplay again. Anyway, it's not really all about the music anyway, especially with the kids, no doubt we'll get to see the Gruffalo!

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