I live to fall asleep

Nicky was awake at 4am this morning. On the plus side he was asleep at 5.30pm yesterday so he slept for 10 and a half hours without really stirring (he woke up just after 10 for some water but settled again straight away). On the minus side though I've been up since then as well, with a long day ahead, and I'm not going to get much sleep tonight either as I'm taking my brother to the airport first thing.

Squash last week was pretty tiring, somehow I still managed to finish 2nd despite not being as mobile as I'd like. It did show me though just how bad some of my shot selection is, because normally I'd be able to rescue points by running around, but being a bit more static showed me that I was doing something wrong. Hopefully things will be a bit better tomorrow.

I had a long weekend. On Saturday my brother and I went down to Somerset to visit our Granddad and Aunt and Uncle. It was a very tiring day, but very much worth it - we spent nearly two hours with Granddad before he became too tired. He's visibly deteriorated since our last visit, but also seemed much brighter than before. He also allowed us to take a copy of the book that he had started writing about his life, which I'm about halfway through.

On Sunday we had planned to go into town to buy a few bits, but as it was raining we decided to go to Lakeside instead. I'd forgotten how hellish it can be on a Sunday but was soon reminded, and wasn't helped by Nicky playing up in his Tiny Taxi, but I did manage to get one present sorted for Anna and a card from the kids (Nicky was very insistent on the card).

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