Still aching

I'm still not quite recovered after Glastonbury, my knees still ache but I can walk normally now, and my back is still a bit tight. It's quite annoying because before Glastonbury I was probably the fittest I'd been in a long time, so this is a bit of a setback, and I'm missing squash for a few weeks until my knees are completely healed.

I went out on Saturday for Pete's 30th birthday, and had a nice day out in the sun in a pub garden, followed by heading back to Pete's. I probably drank more on Saturday than I did throughout the whole of Glastonbury, and even then it wasn't really that much - my days of heavy drinking are long past me! A few of us went to watch the Haye vs Klitschko fight later that night, which is an hour of my life I'm never going to get back, Haye was terrible throughout and the broken toe excuse is pretty pitiful really (if he couldn't punch with his right he should have pulled out!)

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