Getting better?

I've got one more antibiotic pill to take, and I'm not entirely sure if my cough is getting any better. I'm guessing it has, because I'm no longer bending double after prolonged fits of coughing. I'm hoping once I finish the course then it will clear up over the next couple of days.

Feeling kind of low at the moment, although in a way some things have become clearer recently which has made things slightly easier, in that the uncertainty is no longer there.

One thing that has cheered me up slightly though is the Manics announcing their Christmas gig at the O2. Got our tickets this morning in the presale without any difficulties - I'm not even sure if it will sell out as the Manics aren't really that big a band anymore, but to me and Anna they are still our favourite band so was does it matter what anyone else thinks? Despite being older there's still a bit of the Manics mania there with us. I suppose it does mean having to stand through The Everlasting and Everything Must Go again, but the rest will make up for it!

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